Sunday, April 28, 2013



I thought I would do a quick explanation on how this all works, cuz I know it gets confusing! :) 

-So I'm Morgan and I sell all these fun things I post out of my home (we do not have a store). I also have a partner (aka Mom) who does it with me. So some of the items for sale are mine, and some are hers. 

-We try to do a show, craft fair, open house, ect. at least once a month, to get all our items together. Making it easier for everyone to see it all in person. In between shows, you are welcome to pick up items at my home, or hers.

-Most of our items are refinished, repurposed or upcycled. So almost everything is a One-of-a-Kind. We do have a few items that are brand new, that we get through a supplier in Utah. So once items are gone, chances are we can't get another.

-To make things easy and fair, we can not hold items, they go to the first person to set up an appointment for pick up (within 1-2 days). Please be courteous, to us and others, and only inquire if you are serious.

-We can't exactly do special orders where some things are hard to find and take time. So if you are looking for a particular item, just watch our posts closely, we might find what you're looking for. We can also paint items you already have, just send us a message with a picture and details of how you want the item done and we can give you a price quote.

Now with that out of the way, stay tuned for new items and details on our next big show! You wont want to miss it!


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