Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Refinished Shelves



These shelves sold super fast! 
We painted them in white and put new faux barnwood on the backs.  

Vintage Chairs

Vintage chairs available! 
$30 set of 2

All wood vintage chair in school bus yellow $25

Refinished children's rocker $35

Contact us to purchase!

Available Pieces

Here are some pieces from The Rad Olive we have available, ready to go!
Just contact us to purchase!

The Rad Olive custom orders

Here are a few orders we've had!
We are working away to get them all finished!
We got pretty full with orders so far, so we are having to put them on hold until Friday to see if we can accommodate to more orders in time for Christmas. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Vintage Camper Remodel

This was our summer project this year!
I have to say, it was the most fun project that I have done! 
I recommend it to anyone!
So we purchased a 1964 Roadrunner 

Here are the lovely before pictures! 

I fell in love with the original turquoise appliances! 

 The camper was in really good shape, aside from this one spot of water damage. 

My husband used a Dremel tool to cut out the panel that had the damage. 
He then repaired the roof and sealed all the leaks in the ceiling vent. 
Put in some new insulation.
Then took a piece of 1/4" plywood material and cut it to fit where the original panel was. 

We then painted all the wood with a stain sealer before we painted it with white paint.
We used Valspar paint and primer in Bistro white for the interior. 
We matched the original color of the stove and fridge to do some accent walls. 

The lighting was tricky, with wires for plug-ins. So we decide to leave the original lights
because we aren't great electricians and didn't want it to burn down! 

I wanted to keep some of the original retro feel of the camper. 
The counter tops were a light pink with gold retro patterns on them. 
So I knew I wanted to go with a turquoise and pink pallet. 
But with a modern twist! 

I looked everywhere for the right fabric for the windows! 
I wanted to start with the fabrics before I decide on colors and decor. 
I lucked out and found this floral pattern fabric on clearance! Just enough of it to do the windows!
So for the modern twist I paired it with black/white striped fabric and gold vinyl!

I then pulled colors from the fabric for the accenting. 
We didn't have a large budget for this project. I like to see what I can get for a good deal anyway. 
So this was a fun challenge. 
We found this stick-on vinyl flooring at Lowes. It was easy to install and didn't cost a lot.
It also didn't add a lot of weight to the camper. We just laid it right on top of the original flooring. 

I then hunted all over town for the perfect accessories! 
Hobby Lobby, when everything is 50% off of course! 
I also found lots of fun things at Ross and TJ Maxx. 

We of course had to add some of our business cutouts!
A few Rad Olive Touches! 

And there you have it! 
The whole project took roughly 3 months to complete, working in our spare time.
It all cost less than $1,500
We haven't painted the outside yet, we are waiting for better weather to tackle that job.
So we will be posting more pictures when the whole thing is complete! 
Hope you enjoyed!