Thursday, June 28, 2012

LAST DAY! Flea Market Giveaways!

Don't miss this opportunity to win free stuff! 
  • ALL NEW followers of this blog
  • ALL NEW likers on Facebook
  • EVERYONE who comments on this post (tell me what you want to see at the market!)
  • EVERYONE who shares posts on Facebook
Will ALL be entered to win a 
gift certificate! 
3 for 
$5, $10 and $15!
To spend at the White Place Flea Market  

Those who come to the flea market:
  • The first 3 customers to spend $50 receive a FREE GIFT
  • Can enter to win a FREE KIDS GROWTH CHART ($30 value!) 
Contest ends Friday evening 


  1. I want to see lots of the cute birds u do and your breadboxes!

  2. I'm dying to see/possibly purchase that antique looking washboard! Adorable!!!!!! as always :)

  3. Hey Morgan!! I'll be scoping out some wall decor for newly finished basement, hoping to find some cute lamps and pillows and as always....anything that catches my eye that I absolutely CAN'T live without!! :)