{About Us}

ABOUT US:     
 Here is a little explanation of how our store works! 
Our store is located at 755 South Capital in Idaho Falls. 
It is called Vintage Emporium 
A refinished furniture and home decor co op!
A warehouse full of talented vendors featuring:
Trisa and Co. Designs and Events
Morgan's Emporium
Nook & Cranny
Pepper Willow
Auntie Angel's Furniture 
Reclaimed History
The Rad Olive
Rapunzel's Boutique and more!
The store is only open 
Thursdays 10:00-8:00, Friday's & Saturdays 10:00-6:00. 
This allows us to paint on our days off to bring in fresh new items each week! 
A majority of the items in our store are old, used, vintage and antique pieces that we've recycled and given new life! They are all one-of-a-kind! 
Where they are used/old they are not in perfect condition, but full of character!  
We do carry a few items that are brand new but fit the shabby chic style. 
These items tend to cost a little more where they are not in used condition.
Each vendor has their own individual Facebook pages. We also have a store Facebook page where you can go to see a majority of what we have in the store: Vintage Emporium.
Things are coming in and out of the store so fast, we try to keep up and keep our Blog and 
Facebook pages current. 
Down the hall is Trisa & Co. Designs and Events. This is a business where she rents wedding and event decor.

We are not an online store. 
Posts on our blog and Facebook pages are a just way to help everyone see what we have. Items are sold on a first come first serve basis. We do not do holds or returns.

To contact the store you can call it at 
(208) 360-2548.
 The individual working can assist you as much as they can. They may have to direct you to the correct vendor if they can't answer your questions. You can get each vendor's contact info in the "Vendors" section at the top of this blog. 

We do have vendors in our store who are happy to do them! If you have a piece you are looking to get refinished. Send us a picture and a description of how you want it done and we can hook you up with a price and the right vendor for you! Depending on time and materials and the technique involved in the refinishing, that will determine the price. 


 If there is a specific piece you are looking for we can do 
our best to find it! With the nature of this business, it can take anywhere form a couple days to months to find it. So It's hard for us to take custom orders. But we are happy and will do what we can to assist you!


Due to the nature of the business where everything is one-of-a-kind and done by different vendors, we can not do returns. If you get a piece home and have concerns about it, contact us and the vendors can work with you on a solution. We ask that you really think it over and take measurements and such before purchasing an item. 
We accept all credit cards and cash.

Over the phone payments:
If you are wanting an item, and can't make it in to buy it, we do offer payment over the phone. The item will not be marked sold until it is payed for. 
Items will be offered to customers who come in the store, first. Based on our first-come first-serve policy, phone calls will not count as fist come. If you need to contact a vendor directly, their numbers are posted in the "Vendors" section at the top of this blog. Please ask any questions about the piece before purchasing it over the phone, as we do not take returns if the items isn't what you expected. 
We actually prefer that you come in the store to make the purchase. Thanks for understanding!  

We like to keep our pricing fair and reasonable. I know for myself, I like to change my decor around often so it helps when you can buy it affordably. We like to keep this in mind when pricing our items. Prices typically depend on how much time and money we have in an item. So if we have to pay more for it, we then have to charge a little more for it. So our prices tend to be all over the board. But we are always trying to be fair. Our prices are firm, but if an item is around long enough we will mark it down.  


If you are wanting to purchase and item, but can't pick it up until later, thats fine! We like items to be picked up within a week of the purchase. If you need to pick up after hours or when the store is closed, the vendor can arrange to meet you at the store. We also provide delivery for a small fee. 

We often get asked if we ship. Some vendors will ship, but not all of them. We do not ship the large furniture pieces, but we will ship smaller decor items that will fit in USPS' flat rate boxes. 

If you have any more questions, please ask!  When shopping our store, keep in mind everything is one-of-a-kind. Once it's gone, it's gone :) 

Don't hesitate too long ;)

We hope you all become really excited about our little shop and tell all your friends! 
Thanks for shopping!